For Dentists

As a dentist anesthesiologist, my role is to provide anesthesia services to dentists and their patients with the safety, professionalism, and dedication that is required of dentists in this day and age. There is a vast need for anesthesia services in the state of Oregon and I am very excited to be able to bring this component of dentistry to our state.

Anesthesia for dental procedures, in the past, has been either an unavailable service, or something solely reserved for a hospital setting. The vast majority of patients who are in need of anesthesia for their dental appointments can safely and effectively receive anesthesia services in the dental office setting.

Through my training and expertise, I am able to provide this adjunct service to you and to your patients. Anesthesia during a dental appointment will greatly lessen the discomfort and emotional stress that many patients experience during either routine or complex procedures. Patients who are unable to tolerate dental care are able to have their needs taken care of with the help of anesthesia. Those patients who have longer treatment appointments or those who would like to have anesthesia for their comfort are also potential candidates.

As you can see, anesthesia can benefit many patients with a variety of needs. I am able to provide anesthesia services to children and adults in addition to those patients with developmental delays. Because of the nature of a mobile dental anesthesia service, dental offices often ask about the costs involved with providing this level of care to patients. Each patient is given an estimate based on the time anticipated for the dentist to provide the dental care to the patient.

Anesthesia time begins when the IV is placed or when the first dose of medication is administered as is the case for intramuscular or inhalation inductions. We do not charge for the time needed for recovery, prior consultation, medical history workups, or phone calls with the patients. Charged anesthesia time is solely when the patient is directly receiving anesthesia. My quotes are based on a case by case format and will fluctuate according to the amount of time needed for each case.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or if you need further information on rates or methods.